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Jola Słoma & Mirek Trymbulak are a couple of fashion designers with a passion for cooking. They have been working together for over twenty years, creating fashion collections and clothes to individual orders in their Ateliers in Gdynia and Warsaw. They are experienced in many kinds of people-related jobs.
They are the authors of a cooking show The Atelier of Taste. After twelve seasons for Kuchnia+ they have decided to start showing one episode a week online on their website
In their own diet and also on the show they have combined two kinds of cuisine: vegan and gluten-free. They think that this combination allows the greatest group of people to meet at their table, including those with dietary restrictions and those who are guided by good taste.
After many years of culinary experiences they are very good at conducting workshops and cooking events for any kind of audience. They enrich their demonstrations with the stories of their journeys: both to interesting places they visited with a camera, and inner journeys because they have been meditating for years.
About Jola & Mirek
"If you asked me to name the most creative and hard-working people I would choose fashion designers Jola Słoma and Mirek Trymbulak. Not only do they design clothes, but also accessories, jewellery, interiors; they also publish unique books. Conscious of every detail, they make sure that space around them becomes meaningful.
If I were to talk of those who cook well and love it, of those who constantly try to improve the art of cooking and share their knowledge, I would also name Jola and Mirek.
If I were to name well-matched couples who know what a good relationship is about and how to grow together, they would also lead the list.
If I had a serious problem and was looking for a friend, I would call them.
Probably because of all these a while ago we invented a cooking show "The Atelier of Taste" and probably that's why we managed to create it together. This is also why Jola and Mirek are so highly appreciated and invited to cooperate with people – and they never lack ideas or energy."
Weronika Marczuk
Producer of The Atelier of Taste for Kuchnia+
Offered types of events:
  • lectures
  • workshops
  • demonstrations, including the possibility of participation
  • cooking and eating a meal together
We provide our own equipment and products. We have a flexible approach to the time of the meeting, the number of participants and menu choices.
Selection of lecture topics
For the body:
  • Why vegan and gluten-free cuisine?
  • Removing animal products from the diet doesn't have to mean you need to resign from traditional tastes such as whipped cream, mayonaise, jelly, pate, broth...
  • Removing gluten from your diet doesn't have to mean removing also crepes, pizza, pies, cakes and crispy bread...
  • Changing bad eating habits improves health and well-being.
  • The art of planning: efficient food buying, preparing the right amount of food, eliminating waste.
  • Creativity in the kitchen: how to replace one product with another.
  • Everyday menu that saves time: how to produce several meals based on one product?
For the soul:
  • Food for body, food for soul.
  • How to remain calm in a rush? The art of relaxation, creating the atmosphere of rest in the kitchen, house, family.
  • Decoding negative patterns, such as I have no time, I don't like cooking because I have so much on my mind.
  • The skill of being here and now: effective conscious actions.
The benefits of lecture participation
  • greater consciousness of how food and physical activity affect health
  • the ability of recognizing your own eating needs and predispositions
  • eliminating everyday bad eating habits
  • the ability of recognizing quality food
  • inspirations for creating cooking
  • learning about the techniques of stress reduction
  • learning how to regain energy and emotional stability
  • improved concentration
  • greater inner peace
  • general improvement of the psychophysical state and mood
We worked with:
  • BORK
  • BRE Bank
  • Cadbury Wedel
  • Citi Bank
  • Cucine LUBE
  • GE Money Bank
  • Hestia
  • Klif Warszawa
  • Mattel
  • Miele
  • Provident
  • Samsung
  • Skok Stefczyka
  • Vision Express
and others